Wondering what food to grab for a party this New year eve? Below are a few good recommendations! 🙂


It is often very difficult to satisfy all consumers as each of us has our own unique preference. This makes it an uphill task to find a unified flavour. Pizza Hut recently came up with a pizza, probably the most perfect combination ever in history. The pizza comes with two concentric crusts–one stuffed with cheese sausage, the other with three-flavor cheese– coupled with smoked chicken, turkey ham and zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms as toppings. The pizza presents itself in the most palatable manner, aimed to capture the taste buds of consumers. To enhance the flavour, Pepper Alfredo and Salsa are used. Surprise your taste bud with every bite this festive season.
Double Sensation (Regular Pan)


Smoky Chicken (Regular Pan)


6 Pcs Chicken Karaage


6 Pcs Mini Hash Brown

For Pizza hut…

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